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Our Team 

Stefani Longshamp

Due to his great musical sense, Bruno has been a fundamental part in the musical selection in important events, which have led us to win championships.

Diego Silva, passionate about electronic equipment with great knowledge of the true meaning of a Pyromusical show, knowing that it is a pyrotechnic Ballet and not a lot of people dancing to the rhythm of music; with impressive patience is growing in the world of showbusiness

PyroPower / 4May / RIGA / Pyro MX - 2017
PyroPower International firework competition

PyroPower / 4May / RIGA / Pyro MX - 2017

Max Reinert

CEO and Creative Director at Pyro MX®

his fondness for the musical mixes of the 80's and wanting to always express his feelings with songs, helped him to have that Pyromusical Sense.

He started in 1989 in Fireworks of Mexico s.a .; in 1993 he continued at Lux Pirotecnia s.a .; in 1998 he became independent and started his company with the Pyro® Producciones Piromusicales s.a.

He has collaborated in various events in the Zocalo of Mexico City:

Ice rink, Scream of Independence and the Multimedia Show Mexico in the heart in 2009.

Pyro MX


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